Hansgrohe Axor Starck V – the perfect vortex at the basin

For the natural beauty and vitality of water to be experienced at the hand-basin, the transparent housing of high-grade crystal glass was not only necessary, but also the logical outcome. Philippe Starck rendered the perfect shape. The second influence on the design: water itself.

When forces combine
To create a vortex – from a purely technical point of view – a specially developed device to shape the spray is required. Unlike conventional jet formers, this one sprays the water at an angle into the glass body. Everything else is achieved with centrifugal force. It sounds easy, but in fact it isn’t. Because everything has to meet our own conditions, namely that the vortex is (a) symmetrical, (b) builds up to the height of the spout, and (c) ends up as a perfect creation. Now further demands come into play: the speed of the flow of water which is dependent on the water pressure and the size of the jet. Changing these variables results in the formation of bubbles, impairing the beauty of the vortex.

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